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How It Works

When you shop on Good Eggs, 5% goes back to your school. To join, just type in your school's special code, hit "Shop Now," and place your order. After that, your school will receive 5% back on every order!


How do I join?
To join your school's fundraiser, simply type in your school's unique code above and click "Shop Now" to go to the Good Eggs Marketplace. Add your groceries to your basket and check out. You'll see a confirmation at checkout that indicates you have joined the fundraiser. If you do not see the confirmation, re-enter your code when you check out.
New Good Eggs customers will get a $15 discount when they use their school's code. Returning customers do not get a discount but still need to use the code in order to give 5% back to their school.
Will I get a discount when I use the code?
Do I need to enter the code every time I shop?
Nope! Once you've used the code on your first order during the fundraiser, we'll give 5% back your school automatically on all subsequent orders. No need to enter your code again. 
Help spread the word! The more people who join the fundraiser, the more funds your school will raise. Your school will earn a bonus if 20 new families try Good Eggs for the first time each month, and an additional $500 will be applied, so if you know people who haven't yet tried Good Eggs, encourage them to join!
How can I help make the fundraiser successful for my school?
Who can join the fundraiser?
Anybody who wants to support the fundraiser can join — parents, teachers, staff, family, friends, and neighbors. Just spread the word and don't forget to share your school's code.
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Enroll your school and start raising money today by completing this form.