How do I participate?

To support your school's fundraiser, simply type in your school's unique code at checkout.

Do I need to enter the code every time I shop?

Nope! Once you've used the code on your first order, it will apply to all subsequent orders during the fundraiser period. We'll give 5% back to your school automatically. No need to enter your code again.

How can I make the fundraiser successful for my school?

Help spread the word! The more people who join the fundraiser, the more funds your school will raise.

Who can join the fundraiser?

Share your school's code with friends, family, teachers, and neighbors. Anyone who wants to support your school can do so with your unique code. If you'd like to nominate your school for the Good Eggs School Program please email: help@goodeggs.com

- Sarah R. 
Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, Oakland

“This program is such an easy way to give our kids’ school a boost each time we shop. Not only are we getting high-quality, convenient groceries, we’re supporting an institution we care deeply about.” 

Good Eggs is grocery delivery for food lovers, bringing local produce, organic staples, chef-prepared meals, and easy meal kits straight to
your door. It’s all the quality and transparency of a farmer’s market, with the speed and convenience of online ordering.


A year-round school fundraising program that has helped raise over $100,000 for local schools. The funds have been used to support school gardens, scholarships, field trips, and more. Fill out our survey to add your school to the Good Eggs School Fundraising Program.