Thanks for your interest in our school fundraiser!

We’ve helped over 430 Bay Area schools raise funds since this program launched in 2016, and hope you’ll join us this fall.

Earn 5% back for your school when families shop on Good Eggs.

Good Eggs will donate 5% back to your school for orders placed during October and November. Your school will also earn $150 if 10 new families try Good Eggs for the first time, and an additional $350 for 20.

Good Eggs helps your school get the word out.

We’ll send your school everything they need to get the word out, including posters, social media posts, weekly emails, and more.

Parents join the fundraiser.

Joining the fundraiser is easy. Parents simply visit, enter your school’s special code, and place an order.

Here’s how the fundraiser works:

How to sign up:

The team at Good Eggs needs a contact person at your school for the fundraiser, and your school’s approval to join before getting started. The deadline to sign up your school is September 1st.
Put Us In Touch

I want my school to join, and I have a contact for you to get in touch with (a PTA member, teacher, etc.) or can find the correct contact for you.

Sign Up Your School

I have approval to join the fundraiser and someone to run it.